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CBN Isolate - GG4

Stardust Hemp

Product image 1CBN Isolate - GG4
Product image 2CBN Isolate - GG4

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Stardust's CBN Isolate is some of the purest on the market and is derived from hemp in the United States.  Don't be fool by low quality synthetic CBN Isolate from Asia.  CBN is the most sedative cannabinoid and according to Steephill is similar to diazepam, the active ingredient is Valium.  CBN works wonders for sleep, high anxiety and also triggering the entourage effect.  CBN Isolate can be added to tinctures,  lotions, balms, on top of bowls, inside joints and blunt, and dabbed by itself or with another cannabinoid like THC or CBD.   All terpenes used are organic and botanically derived to match the strain profile of the most popular strains.
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